Motorized Slim magnetic card reader and chip card reader/writer with 4.0 EMV Certificate

ICT 3K is the most strong and slim hybrid motorized reader now available; high performance and high reliability with very limited size. Complete with full shutter anti-vandal and anti-pollution with mechanical switch to recognize card width. ICT 3K ejects card automatically when power down. RS232 and USB interfaces are available and 1 SAM socket on-board optionals (possibility to extend until 4 external SAM sockets). ICT 3K is ideal solution for application such as internet kiosk, payment system, self-service machines.


ICT 3K5/K7



Type Motorized
Magnetic Stripe 3 track read (ISO 7811)
IC Contact Read/Write (ISO 7816)
Certified EMV 4.0
Shutter Full plastic shutter, anti-vandal and anti-pollution
Interface ICT 3K7: Serial RS232
SAM module 1 standard equipped
Power supply +12 Vdc
MCBF 600K mag. passes; 1M motor
Dimensions 97 x 167.5 x 43mm
Software DLL Available
Capture function Possible
Card detect By card width sensor
Options Possibility to extend until 4 external SAM sockets