Motorized hybrid readers/writers

Triple track magnetic cards (ISO/IEC 7811) and chip cards (ISO/IEC 7816) motorized readers/writers with printing head and high MTBF IC contact holder. Complete with full shutter stainless steel anti-vandal and anti-pollution with mechanical switch to recognize card width and double track magnetic pre-head. RS232/USB interfaces available. ICT 3Q8 is provided for SAM socket on-board, which can extend until 4 external SAM sockets. These readers/writers are suitable in ATM systems, automatic vending machine and self-services





Type Motorized
Magnetic Stripe 3 track read/write
IC Contact Read/Write
Certified EMV 4.0
Shutter Full security shutter with stainless
Interface Serial RS232/USB
SAM module 1 standard equipped
Power supply +24 Vdc
MCBF 1M passes
Dimensions 111.5 x 217.3 x 67.9 mm
Software DLL Available
Capture function Possible
Card detect By card width sensor and pre-head for magnetic stripe
Options Expandable until 4 external SAM sockets