MY³ is the printer created by Custom for professional use. MY³ prints on 76 mm paper width and up to 100gr/2 thickness at 75mm/sec printing speed. Complete with paper end and head temperature sensors, the printer supports 4 upgradable client logos (576x450dots) and prints the most common 1D barcodes and PDF417, QRCODE 2D barcode. Self-installing drivers: Windows XP, Vista, 7 (+64bit support), Linux(32/64 bit), Android. A multiple docking station (1 or 4 places) is available for MY³ printers. “Wireless” printing thanks to Bluetooth® wireless technology. The profiles supported are SPP (Serial Port Profile) through which it is possible to simulate a RS232 serial connection.





Supported Barcode 1D and 2D
Printing Format Normal, height/width from 1 to 8, reverse, underlined, script, bold
Printing Direction Normal, 90°, 180°, 270°
Paper Weight from 55 to 100 g/m²
Paper Thickness from 61 to 100 μm
Printing Width 76 mm
Roll Dimension max 45mm
Emulation ESC/POSTM
Interfaces USB / Bluetooth 2.0
Data Buffer 2 KB
Flash Memory 512 KB
Graphic Memory 4 logos of 576×450 dots
Supported Bluetooth Profile SPP (Serial Port Profile)
Drivers WindowsTM 2K3, XP, 7(+64bit support), Linux(32/64 bit), Android
Software Tools FontMake, LogoMake, UpgCePrn, My Printers SW
Power supply Li-Ion rechargeable battery
Recharged cycle >700
MTBF 740,000 hours (electronic board)
Operation temperature -15°C + 55°C
Safety EN60950 2001
Marks Bluetooth, CE, RoHS compliant
Protection IP42
Dimensions 105 x 61 x 135mm
Weight 233gr (without battery) 287gr (with battery)