Special Versions

PLUSII MOV: the smoky finish guarantees the protection of the sensor from external light while allowing the paper roll to be seen. The printer is equipped with an exclusive system created for automotive/portable applications or with strong vibrations which prevents jamming caused by the paper unrolling (ground moving vehicles, public transport, briefcases or portable devices, etc). This version of PlusII is particularly suitable for applications in really hot environments, behind glass doors and inside vehicles, thanks to the head temperature control with range up to +70°C. RS232 serial interface.


PLUSI ECO: the main features of the new version are:

– the ECO MODE function, which reduces the absorption during the printing phase
– the POWER OFF function, the printer goes into stand-by after a selected time, it will wake up if the Feed button is pressed or if the communication port is connected; both functions are settable from the printer set-up.
PLUSI ECO is equipped with USB and RS232 interfaces on board and RealTimeClock (RTCK) with wide range of power supply 3.3-8Volt, USB at 5V. The printer is ideal for battery portable applications.

PLUS II BOX: boxed version is equipped with an adjustable and anti-vibration fixing bracket and sturdy cable particularly suitable for weighing applications on vehicles, transpallets and vehicular systems in general. RS232 serial interface, 3.3-8 Volt power supply. With on/off switch, fuse. It prints on linerless adhesive thermal paper.