PLUS4 is the first thermal panel printer designed by Custom which allows printing on paper width from 4″ to 112mm. Thanks to the internal adjustable guides it’s possible to manage paper width of 80mm and 82.5mm. PLUS4 presents exclusive features for its category: it’s equipped with an internal flash memory which allows storing fonts and logos up to 4MB! Already on board there are European, International, Portuguese, Nordic, Chinese (GB18030) and Cyrillic fonts. It can print the most common barcodes and 2D barcodes such as QRCODE. The semi-transparent cover protects the paper sensor from external light and keeps the paper roll visible. The opening of the paper compartment is simple through the central green key. Modules with serial and parallel interface are available. It’s also available in dark grey and as well as in white to better adapt to medical instruments.


  • Printing width max 104mm
  • It prints on linerless paper and Maxstick B
  • Internal flash memory 4MB for logo and fonts
  • Barcodes: 1D, 2D (QRCODE)
  • Fonts: European, International, Portuguese and Nordic, Chinese (GB18030) and Cyrillic
  • Status LED
  • FEED button
  • Metal tear-off
  • Interfaces: RS232/TTL (selectable with lever switch), miniUSB
  • Sensors: head temperature, paper presence, door open (opt.)
  • Conform to UL, CE, FCC, CCC
  • Power supply 5-8Vdc


  • Health care: sterilization and electrocardiograph
  • Vacuum packing machines
  • Temperature control: industrial refrigeration
  • Industrial automation: process control
  • Attempted sales invoices
  • Weighing instruments, electrical and physical quantities analysis





Printing Method Thermal
Columns 46 (11cpi) 59 (15cpi) 83 (20cpi)
Printing Speed (mm/sec) min 50, max 70 mm/sec
Character Set European, International, Portuguese and Nordic, Chinese (GB18030) and Cyrillic
Supported Barcode 1D, 2D and QRCODE
Resolution 204 dpi
Paper Width 112 mm (max 114mm) with internal adjustable guides to manage also paper width of 80mm and 82.5mm
Paper Weight 60 g/m²
Roll Dimension Maximum external diameter 50mm, internal diameter 12mm
Emulation ESC/POS, PlusII
Data Buffer 2kB
Flash Memory 4MB
Graphic Memory Internal flash 1MB + external 4MB, internal RAM 128KB + external 8MB
Drivers Linux, Win XP,7,8
Software Tools CePrinterSet, UpgCePrn, FontMake, LogoMake
Power Supply 5-8 Vdc
Operation temperature -10deg;C to +60deg;C
Dimensions 149×97.8×71.7(89.1 with module)mm
Weight 390 g (510g with module)
Marks UL, CE, FCC, CCC
Sensors head temperature, paper presence, door open (opt.)
Interfaces RS232/TTL, miniUSB