Exclusive Features

  • Prints and takes back tickets reading barcode
  • Cashless ticket management
  • Ultra-compact size for new generation slim machine
  • Main protocols management
  • Bezel 100% compatible with current front panel mounting
  • Anti-jamming system (patented)
  • Automatic ticket ejecting & retractring back, with also retracting function w/o presenting paper (patented)
  • High performance 96MHz microprocessor
  • 8MB RAM + 5MB Flash memory
  • Autoclean system
  • Hot swap function: it is possible to remove the printer from the kiosk w/o powering it off
  • Low power mode (EcoGreen)


  • Slot machine
  • Video Lottery
  • Access Control
  • Couponing & Promotional
  • Digital Signage
  • Recycling
  • Self-service postal box


EO 3.0



Printing Method Thermal with fixed head
Number of dots 8 dots/mm
Resolution 203 dpi / improved printing quality
Character Set PC437, PC850, PC860, PC863, PC865, PC858
Printing Format Normal, height and width from 1x to 8x, reverse, underlined, italic, bold
Printing Direction Straight, 90°, 180°, 270°
Paper Width 65mm
Paper Weight from 75 to 90 g/m²
Roll Dimension max 250mm
Emulation CUSTOM/POS
Interfaces RS232 / USB
Data Buffer 2 kB
Flash Memory 512 KB
Graphic Memory 2 logos of 608 x 862 dots
Drivers Full Driver per Win XP, Vista, 7; driver Linux
Software Tools Font Editor; Logo Editor; Status Monitor
Power supply 24V +/- 10%
Power consumption 1 A medium (30% dots turned on)
MTBF 150,000 hours (electronic board)
Head Life 200Km / 1 Billion pulses
Operation temperature 0°C + 50°C
Dimensions 116×143.5×76.4 mm
Weight 0.8 Kg
MCBF 1,000,000 cuts