Stimare Customer Support

All Stimare products carry a one-year warranty and many products also have a Web Embedded Server that will diagnose maintenance issues and email the appropriate person to deal with the particular issue before it becomes a problem.

If repairs are required, in many cases these can be performed on site by one of our local agents or online by a service technician. However, if a piece of equipment needs to be returned for attention, it is dealt with as a matter of highest priority at one of our test centres in Parma, Italy or Dublin, Ireland.
If having trouble installing WIN7 drivers please refer to the following links CLS and CMP

For Remote Support Assistance


How to contact Stimare Customer Support

By E-Mail:
Email Stimare Customer Support with details of your query at

By Phone:
Contact your nearest Stimare Customer Support Team on the phone numbers below:

  • Customer Support (UK) || + 44 208 099 8071
  • Customer Support (USA) || +1-720-257-7070
  • Customer Support (Ireland) || + 353 1 6854600

Help us improve our service

Although we believe our levels of service are very high, this is no reason for us to become complacent. Stimare constantly strives to improve our service offering. To do this, we need your feedback. If there are any suggestions you may have on how we might improve our service, we would welcome your input.

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